Pandemic Insights, from the Professional to the Personal

One thing I learned about our industry during the pandemic is that … 

“… our industry is resilient, from donors giving more during a time of uncertainty to partners putting in extra time to get the work done … all while balancing a new reality.” Casie Craycraft

“… when the pandemic first began, we all expected revenue to drop.  No one in our industry expected the tremendous outpouring of support we received across the board. It shows the depth of philanthropy within all of us.” Anna Brey

“… our collective learnings and experience allow us to make solid decisions during unprecedented times. I have been impressed at how many organizations stayed the course with their investments, but also made necessary changes to adapt to the evolving circumstances.” Craig Zeltsar

“… at a huge time of uncertainty for most people (illness, job loss, etc.), donors still showed up and gave when they could. That was very touching to see.” Emily McKenzie

“… our industry became even more nimble and open in the shifting environment. Everyone was open to change and looked for solutions.” Megan Gibeau

“…during times of struggle and uncertainty, people find comfort in giving to others, even when they have less themselves. This is true of donors who continue to give despite financial hardship, and colleagues who go above and beyond for each other.” Lisa Brown

One thing I learned about myself during the pandemic is that …

“… nature is my best medicine. Between kayaking, hiking, bird watching and discovering that Massachusetts has flying squirrels, I found much needed mental balance.” Casie Craycraft

“… I shouldn’t take the small things for granted — like quickly running to the grocery store or going out to eat.” Anna Brey

” … I really like a slower pace! Nightly family dinners are a treat – and they really should be the norm!” Kathy Froetscher

“… time is really valuable, whether it’s time by yourself or with your family and friends. We all talk about it but you just never know when the world is literally going to change.” Kay Levada

“… prior to the pandemic things were very go, go, go. Now that we have been forced to slow down I’m enjoying the things I didn’t make time for before because of the everyday rush.” Niki Dresher

“… no matter how challenging things are, it is critical to remain positive and focused on what you can control.” Craig Zeltsar

“… I am not good at making sourdough bread! On a serious note though, I learned that we are stronger than we think. Although change is hard at first, we manage through it and learn more about ourselves along the way.” Anna Raj-Pahl

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