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If you know NNE Marketing, you know that we’re a full-service direct marketing agency, 100% dedicated to the nonprofit industry. If you’re not familiar with us, you should know that we provide creative, analytics, account management, and direct marketing strategy for some of the most important nonprofits in the country.

First and foremost, we’re fundraisers. Our philosophy — staying focused on strategy, bringing the best ideas to the table and being consistently innovative — is changing the way our clients fundraise.

And a large part of that is because we believe in collaboration and inclusivity. We feel that to be better we must always be curious by listening and learning. We believe strongly in dialogue and meaningful communication — and we’re passionate about our work and the clients’ missions we support.

Further, we want to engage with you … and we hope you will join us in conversation!

To that end, we’ve started this blog so that we can invite unique perspectives to the table. Our experienced staff has worked on all sides of the business — from the agency side to within the nonprofit sector — which means they have valuable insights to share.

Posts may come from anyone across our entire agency, our clients, our partners, or even someone from outside the industry. We want to share varying viewpoints that are beneficial to a wide array of fundraising professionals.

You may read a post that challenges a long-held best practice or guiding principle; another post may pose thought-provoking questions that are up for discussion; we may share useful tips to help you in your career; or we may even share our top 10 favorite restaurants during business travel.

Our blog will be interactive, informative, and fun. And we want to engage with you.

We hope our posts will give you the opportunity to experience a bit of our passion for what we do every day. And we look forward to hearing from you. With that said, be on the lookout for our next post in two weeks about pandemic insights!

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